Xbox 360 vs ps3

God of war (2018) movie - follow glp on twitter - follow glp on instagram - http:// in. Before you deep dive on our xbox 360 versus playstation 3 consumer price guide, take a few deep breaths and remember, they're just video game systems this isn't a political campaign the election's over we have no dog in this fight, and besides figuring out which system has the games you most want. Playstation 3 vs xbox 360 comparison playstation 3 comes with a built-in blu- ray player that provides hd output with high-quality sound xbox 360 is known for its community experience and offers a friendlier environment for windows, as it is tightly integrated with other microsoft applicatio. For lovers/loyalists of the ps and xbox range of consoles that are looking to make the leap from the ps3 to the ps4 or from the xbox 360 to the xbox 0ne, we ps3 vs ps4 chart xbox one vs xbox 360 x360 vs xbox one the faster, smarter and better xbox one is definitely sitting at the top of the microsoft. Choose your side xbox 360 or ps3 come vote come see the worldwide versus between ps3 and xbox 360 live. The console wars rage on, and gamers continue to quarrel over which system is the more powerful in this tech showdown, it's the xbox 360 vs ps3 two consoles enter, one console leaves. Xbox 360 vs playstation 3: which console wins the gaming game the current generation of game systems have been around for more than five years, and they 're going to stick around for a while at the e3 gaming convention this week neither microsoft nor sony announced new consoles, and we won't. Sony's earnings report yesterday provided some of the final pieces of data to answer a question that goes back to 2005: will the xbox 360, playstation 3 or nintendo wii prevail in the video-game console wars eight years later, it turns out the answer isn't as clear as we might have hoped nintendo.

The delayed european launch has left the playstation 3 with something of a problem - a sizeable proportion of its debut games are already available on the xbox 360 indeed, the likes of fight night round 3 have been maturing on the shelves for over a year, while many of the others debuted on the 360 over four months. Xbox 360 vs ps3 godach 2015 augusztus 16 14 komment a befutó pedig értelem szerűen, mindkettő szevasztok gamerek kicsit több mint egy hét, ps3 használat után, azt hiszem van elég tapasztalatom megírni az észrevételeimet, a két konzol „tudását” illetően inkább amolyan, előnyök-hátrányok megközelítés ez. Пора, наконец, окончательно разобраться какая же игровая приставка лучше xbox 360 или playstation 3 и вот почему: ps3 как и xbox 360 давно избавились от детских болезней в виде малого количества игр, частого перегрева, сырости прошивок, да и цены на battlefield 4: xbox 360 vs.

Deciding between the playstation 3, nintendo wii, and xbox 360 can be a daunting task while all three systems are vastly superior to the last generation of video game consoles, they are also far more different from each other than ever before. Son dönemlerin belki de en büyük kapışmalarından biri ps3'ün piyasa çıkışıyla birlikte 4-5 ay sonra iyice alevleneceğe benziyor iki konsol da piyasaya çıkmadan önce önderliği elinde bulunduran sony, 360'ın başarısı sonrasında konsolu biraz da geç bir şekilde piyasaya sürünce işler yavaş yavaş değişmeye başladı şu. Most of my gaming friends swear to me that a pc cannot give a better gaming experience than a gaming console( ps3 and xbox 360) i argued that it would cost more money, a pc can reach a point of being. The debate over which is the more powerful next-gen games console has been raging for over a year, but in the last few weeks we've finally been able to pore over some first-hand evidence the call of duty 3 conversions to xbox 360 and ps3 are more closely comparable, perhaps, than many fanboys on.

How to choose between a ps3 or xbox 360 a lot of people don't know what next generation system to buy this article will help you choose one of the two consider what value each console has to you and if the price can be justified by it. Xbox 360 vs ps3: round 1 (controller) console wars: season 1 technobuffalo: catch up on previous rounds: round 1: controller: http. The ps3 has the most exclusives games such as god of war, the last of us, uncharted xbox 360 only has halo and gears of war that is it for them the xbox 360 has a failure rate of 54% the ps3 has a 10% failure rate psn runs on dedicated servers it lags less than xbox live xbox live runs on p2p servers.

The one and only playstation 3 (video game console) for main reason it supports bluray discs as xbox 360 does not supports xbox and ps3 have individual cpu architecture but ps3 renders better graphic quality(ps3's 7 individual cores vs 3 threaded corse of xbox), theoretically xbox is faster so choose what works. Introduction before we laugh in to the meat of this roundup i want to state that this blog post is my personal opinion and based upon owning a 360 and ps3 from their release and having played a majority of the major titles i am also not covering the wii in any way or form in this post, it may have been part. No game has generated as much rabid fanboy forum posting as gta 4 the xbox 360 and ps3 armies have been out in full force, claiming their version to be best, piecing together tiny bits of info from articles all over the internet we thought we'd save you the trouble and settle the argument once and for all.

Xbox 360 vs ps3

Ps3 e xbox 360 disputam atualmente a preferência dos gamers em todo o mundo e, mesmo com a proximidade da nova geração, muitos jogadores ainda pensam em comprar um dos dois consoles porém, diversas dúvidas surgem na hora da compra: qual deles escolher quais os prós e contras de. Update: this comparison was updated in november 2007 to reflect the now- current xbox 360 and playstation 3 hardware lineups new and changed items are highlighted in pink it's the battle of th.

Just want to know from the giant bomb community what console should i pick this up. Just wondering on which people thought was the best in the following: - affordability -gamers -useful features now, i have come from all three.

30 sept 2016 playstation 3 oder xbox 360 wer sich nicht für die aktuelle generation der spielekonsolen entscheiden will, kann auch mit deren vorgängern eine menge spaß haben seit den erstveröffentlichungen sind neben den standardversionen noch weitere versionen erschienen deshalb stellt sich erneut die. This week, sony's redesigned playstation 3 'slim' hit store shelves around the country with an rrp of $499 in other words, you now have three similarly priced, high-end consoles to choose from -- the [[artnid:317126|ps3 slim|review: ps3 slim]], the [[artnid:192975|xbox 360 elite|review: xbox 360 elite]] and the original. Answered: hi - wanted to doublecheck after researching the forum we now have sky go extra (we are not planning to switch to sky q as yet), and i am.

xbox 360 vs ps3 Playstation 3 launched in europe some 14 months after xbox 360 in march 2007 , delayed by a shortage of diodes used in its blu-ray drive, of all things when it finally did arrive, it came with a considerably bigger price tag than microsoft's offering, and was plagued by second-rate versions of cross-platform. xbox 360 vs ps3 Playstation 3 launched in europe some 14 months after xbox 360 in march 2007 , delayed by a shortage of diodes used in its blu-ray drive, of all things when it finally did arrive, it came with a considerably bigger price tag than microsoft's offering, and was plagued by second-rate versions of cross-platform.
Xbox 360 vs ps3
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